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Version: 1.0.3
1.1 MiB

Sketchzoo is a responsive theme for SMF 2.0.X with a gorgeous gray scale layout. Sketchzoo is a variant of Startaza, our previous theme, and keeps all its beautiful characteristics. But Sketchzoo is also unique with its lovely sketch elements and great new features. If your forum is about webmasters, web designers, graphic artists and the like, you’ll love Sketchzoo. If your forum is rich of colorful photos and images, you’ll love Sketchzoo too 🙂

The sidebar has been completely recoded to eliminate the use of the SSI functionalities. Other main changes include:

  • new icon sets
  • new social bar with addition of Google Plus and Linkedin
  • new custom default icons based on the username for members who have not yet uploaded their own images
  • new ad spot at the top of the forum main section configurable in the admin area
  • new custom image for the header section configurable in the admin area
  • new “New Topics” widget
  • possibility of enabling and configuring the whole sidebar and the single widgets in the admin area

Demo here


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